Monday, 2 March 2009

Double Dutch? Definitely not

While flicking through the latest issue of Living Etc I found a photo of a crazily original chandelier. It's not a stuffy chandelier though, oh no no. This is a there's-not-a-bit-of-seriousness-in-me chandelier that was made of brightly coloured glass.

And the best news? It costs just £85. I'm sure you can understand why I rushed straight to the url that was listed alongside the image, And boy was I not disappointed.

This site is overloaded with interesting and unusual items which are fun and slightly off trend, just as I love 'em.
There really are so many fabulous items that it really would take all day for me to add all the images of items I love here, so I strongly advise you to whizz on over to after you've finished here.

Just to whet your appetite though, here are some of the best items.

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