Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A portrait of pleasure

Although the weather's taken a turn for the worse, there's no sign of spring disappearing from the world of interior design any time soon.

A few items in particular have caught my eye today, all of them bursting with colour and character.

Numero uno is the work of Wary Meyers, which offers an original take on pet and wedding portraits. This isn't the extent of their work though. It also includes adorable crests, clothing, interior design and they even painted canoes.

Lighting is often overlooked when people are planning their rooms, but it can make or break your interior design. Which brings me to my next pick of the day. The koro purple and black was made by Etsy crafter poaplum, who was inspired by coral and anemone. The best thing is that costs less than £50. What a bargain!

My third pick relates to a post from a few weeks ago (I'm hooked), where I mentioned my idea of mixing and matching coat hooks. It's these ├╝ber-cute sparrow hooks, which cost just $20 (£13) for two. I just love them.


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Anonymous said...

I want that Koro Purple and Black- it's stunning!