Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Sofa so good

Today I want to shout about the fabulous work of my friend, Jo. Jo is an upholsterer who took up the craft after interviewing an upholsterer for a magazine.

She was so intrigued by the experience that she took a night course to learn the skill, and now she upholsters sofas, dining chairs, chaise longues etc in the hours that surround her day job and home life.

is an extremely bubbly person, and this is reflected in her stunning furniture, which is often brightly coloured and always beautifully finished.

If you live anywhere near Bath I strongly recommend commissioning Jo to upholster a statement piece for your home. You will be able to rest assured that nobody else in the whole world will have the same item as you, and the the quality will be second to none.

To see more examples of Jo's work go to, and you can reach Jo at


wide open spaces said...

wow, these are pretty impressive. i would love to know how to upholster like that. beautiful.

Decs in the City said...

Yes, Jo is very clever.